Smile Water Warriors

Smile 90.4FM has started a Public Group on Facebook, namely Smile Water Warriors, which serves as a platform where people who are serious about water saving and committed to combatting the water crisis can come together in mutual support; and take the pledge to make every drop count in their own households.

Clive Ridgway, Programme Director advocates that “Radio is a wonderfully powerful medium with the potential to reach the heads, hearts and hands of the community. Our job as broadcasters becomes more meaningful in times when vitally important messages have to be conveyed and listeners have to be mobilised to do the right thing.

The Smile 90.4FM Water Warriors program is an extension of our service to the community, and in line with our brand philosophy we simply had to get involved and become Cape Town’s official water saving station.”

Smile 90.4FM will be leading the way with daily dedicated Water Reports and water updates in all News bulletins whilst Smile Drive’s Maurice Carpede and Bailey Schneider will be highlighting concerns and initiatives relating to the water crisis in their “Going Green” segment.

Smile Breakfast’s Bobby Brown and Lindy Hibbard as well as workday presenters Eloise Pretorius and Benito Vergotine will be committing regular features to the campaign.

Smile 90.4FM’s hope is that we, the community of Cape Town, pledge to make every drop count!



In keeping with our founding principles of making every drop count, the Smile Water Warriors have initiated Waterless Wednesdays, a drive to use as little as or no water on Wednesdays.

The Smile Water Warriors are asking Cape Town to join in this drive to keep Wednesdays dry, by breaking their daily routine of using water at home or at work and encouraging those around them to do the same.

Only if we stand together and focus our efforts can we make a meaningful difference.

Tune in to Smile 90.4FM throughout the day, every Wednesday, and join in the conversation, get new ideas on how to go “waterless” and tell others to join the Smile Water Warriors and go “dry” on Wednesdays.


Click on the link to join the Smile Water Warriors Facebook group.