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Smile – and you can star in our new TV ad

In June this year we will air our first television advertisement,
and we want you to be a part of it just as you are part of
our Smile 90.4FM community.


All you need to do is: point your camera or phone, snap your
reasons to smile, send your pics to us, and look out for them on TV.
You can send us your photos between the 5th and the 18th of May
by simply:



So, take a fresh look at yourself, your loved ones and your city –
and share your reasons to smile with us.
You can send as many pictures as you like. More is more.


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  1. Audrey

    3 years ago

    Waking up every day to this most beautiful mountain sea and, sunsets every. Evening gives me so many reasons to SMILE

  2. Desirée van Ster

    3 years ago

    I simply adore Baxter, my yorkie puppy. He’s so much fun to have around, and even makes me smile when I’m not with him. He lights up my life.

  3. Danie Marais

    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Audrey and Desirée! We’re receiving wonderful, heart-warming photos from listeners. Can’t wait to share them.

  4. Janine Davidson

    3 years ago

    Had to share a picture of my grandmother 91 and mother 70 which I took yesterday during our Mother’s Day lunch. Smiles and love all around.

    • Danie Marais

      3 years ago

      That picture of your grandma is priceless, Janine. Thank you very much for sharing.