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Capetonian Richard Knoetze will be attempting to break one of the toughest Guiness World Records – The Longest Timed Braai Marathon. Richard will however not be doing this for fame and fortune but to raise funds for the early detection of bipolar disorder in children.

Knoetze says: “Our goal is to raise enough funds to be able to establish a first of its kind interactive website, that will allow anyone access to information on the disorder as well as be a porthole to friends, family and sufferers”.

The braai master, who will be supported by Pieter van Dalen, will attempt to break the 2013 record of 80 hours, set by Jan Braai. It’s definitely gonna get hot – Knoetze intends turning those tjops for 96 hours – four days – non-stop! He adds that they are partnering with very special charities who will be collecting meals at various times of the day.

Richard, with wingman Pieter, will start his record-breaking attempt on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm and will hopefully be there until the same time on Sunday to claim his new world title.

Crossing our fingers, Richard!

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