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Brandon’s goes Big for the Issue


The Big Issue has plenty of reason to Smile…

Capetonian Brandon Finn’s gruelling 400 k’s on the road in aid of this non-profit has paid off with almost R17k and will go a long way in helping more vendors enter the formal job market. The 24 year-old’s Expedition Imashi (meaning “march”) entailed a  400km run from Johannesburg to Hattingspruit near Durban, all to help The Big Issue which enables unemployed and marginalised adults to take responsibility for their own lives. Finn says he tied his takkies to commemorate the start of the second Anglo-Boer war in 1899 and especially the 7000 people who were unable to leave Johannesburg at the time. Most of them were Zulu mineworkers and their families who eventually had to return to Durban on foot as all trains were commandeered during that period.

Finn told Smile 90.4FM that it was an honour retracing the steps of the mineworkers and helping The Big Issue in the process. “Their job creation and skills development program is a very worthwhile cause, one I’m proud to be associated with”. Finn hopes the funds raised will go a long way in securing jobs for the vendors of the magazine.

What is The Big Issue?

The heart of The Big Issue operation is the Social Development Department. Here vendors and their families have access to guidance counselling and social support services. The Vendor Training and Development programme aims to equip vendors to move on into the formal job market through life and job skills training. Free crèche services and ongoing health check-ups are also made available to vendors.

See more at The Big Issue.

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