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14 nov_diabetes

Cape Town, know your diabetes status!


It’s time that people know there diabetes status and take control! That’s the message from Diabetes South Africa on World Diabetes Day 2014 (14 November).

Margo McChumsky, spokesperson for this NGO, tells Smile 90.4FM News that only 50% of people living with diabetes in South Africa have actually been diagnosed. This means there are thousands of people who may be living with this disease without knowing it. As part of their awareness campaign, Diabetes South Africa has launched a special initiative to encourage people to have themselves tested. It’s called #showyournumber – all you need to do is have yourself tested, take a “selfie” and share that with friends and family on social media. McChumsky says she hopes this will spread like wildfire and save lives in the process.

The City of Cape Town has meanwhile given the assurance that it’s also playing it’s part in preventing this disease. City officials are prioritising the need for more recreational activities by among other, rolling out outdoor gyms across the city.  Time to join folks!


Facts about diabetes:

Three-and-a-half million South Africans (about 6% of the population) suffer from diabetes.  It  is estimated that another five million South Africans have pre-diabetes, a condition where insulin resistance causes blood glucose levels to be higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be type 2 diabetes.

The highest prevalence of diabetes is among the Indian population in South Africa (11-13%). This is followed by 8-10% in the coloured community, 5-8% among blacks and 4% among whites. (Health24)


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