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21 nov_office parties

Definite DON’TS at Christmas Office Parties


There are several reasons why we call it the “silly season”… One may be the fact that Christmas parties often take on a slightly pear-shape… For quite a few, the annual end-of-the year bash is seen as a great opportunity to score a few free drinks and make a few not so cool moves.

According to etiquette guru and entertainer Nataniël, having a few too many is the BIGGEST no-no. In his typically dry manner, Nataniël told Smile 90.4FM that most people are so bored with their co-workers come end-of-year, that a G&T or three seems an attractive option at the time.

Christmas parties can be huge fun; inappropriate behaviour though can ruin your reputation, alienate yourself from co-workers and even make you the next day’s notorious YouTube star… Remember, nowadays there are little flashing lights everywhere, so behave – you don’t want to be looking for a new job the next day! It may be a social event but it’s still strictly business!

Members of Team Smile had a few Don’ts to add: (please add yours in the comment box!)


… dress suggestively

…  not turn up

… be the first to arrive

or the last to leave.

… flirt with co-workers or their significant others

… ask for that bonus

… gossip about a colleague

… assume everybody celebrates Christmas

… talk business the whole night

… try out your new dance moves

… give your boss a lap dance

… use the Xerox machine

And last but not least, NOT turn up for work the next day..!

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