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Good News

15 jan_electricity

Every little bit helps…


The City of Cape Town encourages Capetonians to do their bit to help ease the burden on the power grid. According to the officials, a “simple behaviour change” can go a long way in making a difference…


The City of Cape Town’s Top Ten Tips to save Electricity:

Turn geyser temperature down to 60 o Celsius

Use less hot water

Switch off equipment when not in use

Reduce pool pump operating hours

Reduce excessive heating or cooling

Install an efficient shower head

Insulate the geyser

Install efficient lighting

Install a solar water heater

Insulate the ceiling/ roof


For more information visit the City’s website.


Eskom’s CEO Tshediso Matona earlier made no bones about the fact that the situation was extremely serious, but also vowed “utmost transparency” at all times. He compared the power system to a car, saying South Africa has been on a reserve tank and has now almost exhausted the reserve space. “One fundamental principle that you can be guaranteed we will uphold at all times is utmost transparency and to ensure at all times that the country knows what is happening.”


Loadshedding is highly likely over the weekend, so plan in advance. (More information on the schedule can be found here.)

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