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Good News

24 dec_xmas wishes

From Team Smile: Season’s greetings and big Smiles in 2015!


Mehboob: May we be grateful for everything we’ve achieved this year

Maxine: May everyone have someone to share this time with

Lizma: May every person be acknowledged – even if it’s just a friendly smile from a stranger

Saya: May we realise that the biggest joy comes from giving

Christine: May everyone find a bit of happiness within themselves

Liryn: May we all get the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones

Maurice: May every single person find a little time to relax and recharge

Menay: May those who can’t be with their families still experience a sense of belonging

Benito: May everyone be truly grateful for friends and family


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  1. ashraf

    2 years ago

    love the oldies at six till 7 pm, would love it even more if you could let people call in or e-mail their all time {remember back in da day} songs, say from sixties up to 90’s . just a suggestion thank you , i loooove to smile.


      2 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback, and keep on listening!