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happy feet1

Happy feet!


The pitter patter of happy feet were heard at the Boulder Penguin Colony today when a handful of endangered penguins were released.

They are part of a group of over 337 that have been rescued by CapeNature staff and been set free since the festive season. Every year hundreds of penguins, mainly chicks, are rescued from high risk areas and returned to safety in the protected area at Boulders Beach within Table Mountain National Park.

happy feet2

For the last couple of months, these lucky birds have been cared for in the specialised Chick Rearing Unit and the Nursery Section at SANCCOB. Here trained staff make sure that they obtain the correct weight, are healthy and their feathers waterproof before they are returned to the wild, with Boulders one of the key locations.

If you want to become involved with penguin conservation efforts, visit 


(Pictures: Saya Pierce-Jones)


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  1. ProMoJo

    2 years ago

    Too Precious <3