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Magical Minstrels to manage themselves


History was made in Cape Town today when the city’s famous minstrel groups united as one to take charge of the traditional Christmas and New Year celebrations.  Not since the inception of the “Tweede Nuwejaar” celebrations in 1907, did the world renowned minstrels organise the event themselves. Now, these colourful entertainers and their Cape Malay Choir and Christmas band counterparts have joined hands under the banner of the Cape Cultural and Carnival Committee . The committee will be taking charge of the annual festivities that have always been one of the highlights on the Mother City’s social and cultural calendar.

Mayor Patricia de Lille attended the signing of the agreement with the newly elected representatives and pledged the City’s support. De Lille told journalists that the local and provincial authorities will see to logistical and financial aid  – the latter amounting to R6m for among others, venue hire, medical services and public relations. De Lille believes that a single entity working together and representing the kaleidoscope of the Cape Malay entertainers, will ensure hassle free Christmas and New Year’s entertainment for all and sundry.

Did you know:  As many as 13,000 minstrels take to the city center’s streets on Tweede Nuwejaar.

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