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Naughty but Nice!

Nobody knows who’s responsible but it certainly put a Smile on people’s faces…

A Capetonian who has clearly had enough of all the bad news took it upon himself to change the headlines on local newspaper posters in a feel-good campaign in the Southern Suburbs on Monday. The “daredevil” unceremoniously pasted his own messages over those on the lamp poles, used by the Cape Times, Cape Argus and Daily Voice – all members of the Independent Newspaper group. The person or people responsible thought “headlines” like “Have a lekker Monday; You are awesome and Make your day by making someone else’s” were just the right medicine for a Monday morning, and we agree!


Outgoing editor of the Argus, Jermaine Craig, commented to Times Live on the somewhat “sunny” guerrilla tactic, saying although there may be no abuse of their property, they did have a good chuckle about it.

But what does someone a little more independent say about this cavalier act..?

Smile 90.4FM spoke to Prof. Herman Wasserman, Head of Film and Media studies at UCT.

“Instead of just highlighting conflict, the media should also try and suggest possible solutions and perhaps this is something these posters reflect.” Wasserman added that if the media wanted to respond to this message in a constructive manner, he would suggest finding examples that might inspire people and communities to change, rather than papering over cracks.

Well, it’s a no-brainer; if you’re fed-up with of all the negative news, you’re in the right place… Smile 90.4FM – amplifying the good news in the Mother City!

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  1. Craig

    2 years ago

    This made my day and its not even Monday


      2 years ago

      Great, isn’t it…