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Good News

Ryan swimmer

Ryan Stramrood adventure swimmer and inspirational speaker

Ryan has been invited to represent South Africa as a member of an elite 6-person team who will be making the world first attempt to succeed in a TWO-WAY NORTH CHANNEL RELAY CROSSING. The team will swim from Ireland to Scotland and back to Ireland on the following dates:

24th – 29th July 2015

This is particularly unique as Ryan is also founding member of the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA), and is one of the worlds top endurance, cold water and ice water swimmers, He will join the International team to bring significant “all condition” swimming experience for the difficult challenge as well as strong relay experience. I was also a member of the world first successful Bering Strait relay relay in 2013.

The total distance as the crow flies is approx 70km, with water temperature expected to be around 13 Celsius. All going well, the expected time for the challenge will be between 20-26 hours. Each swimmer will be expected to swim as hard and fast as possible for 60 minutes at a time and each is expected to have 4 sessions in the water, swimming through the night. The countries represented in the 6-person team are Ireland; South Africa; Sweden; Estonia, Czech Republic and Finland.

Ryan’s ultimate goal is to help the world first challenge succeed, to represent South Africa well and to also gain great experience in the North Channel as preparation for a solo North Channel swim attempt in the not too distant future.

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