Good News


The holidays are here!


The school doors are closed and just about all and sundry are off on vacation. While we all deserve some fun and games, safety still comes first especially when you hit the road.

Western Cape traffic authorities are expecting a significant increase in traffic volumes this weekend and will maintain a high level of visibility throughout the holiday season. The local government’s Traffic Operational Plan for the Festive Season was launched in De Doorns this morning which means roads will be carefully monitored henceforth.

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa says their Number One warning is Don’t Drink and Drive! He told Smile 90.4FM that a No Tolerance approach has been adopted for those who over-indulge, and according to the chief, they will put their money where their mouth is with roadblocks galore.

So, rather Phone-a-Friend or get into a taxi when you’re not so steady on your feet.

And a good tip for parents embarking on road trips with their young ones:  make sure you are armed with plenty of fun games to keep them, and yourself entertained, and sane…

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