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The illustrious Mr. Jones


World-renowned orchestral music composer Trevor Jones has committed himself to teaching underprivileged kids in Cape Town the tricks of his trade.  The South African-born Jones paid a visit to Christel House this morning where the score composer of more than 120 films, including Notting Hill, Last of the Mohicans & Mississippi Burning, spoke to Smile 90.4FM about his love for Cape Town and his dreams for South Africa. Jones was born in District Six during the apartheid era and has experienced poverty first-hand. When the opportunity presented itself, he left South Africa to attend the Royal Academy of Music in London in 1967 which kick-started his illustrious Hollywood career. The humble Oscar winner told Smile that education was the key to South Africa’s prosperity. He emphasized the important role of parents as well as mentors in young people’s lives. “Mentors are imperative for kids as they can help them unlock the door to their future”, says Jones who is now back to stay in his beloved Cape Town. He intends putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to education by teaching learners at Christel House music and film. By the way, we asked Mr. Jones what makes him smile: “Family braai’s, Cape Town’s humour and Table Mountain!”

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