ASSARO (Australian Shepherd South African Rescue Organisation)

ASSARO (Australian Shepherd South African Rescue Organisation)

This is a pro quality life Australian Shepherd Dog rescue organisation.

When Ingrid Liberte fostered a deaf Australian Shepherd called Josh, she had a feeling that as time went on more Aussies were going to need new homes. That’s when, in January 2012, the non-profit company, Australian Shepherd South African Rescue Organisation (ASSARO) was started for these rescues, which was subsequently registered in May 2012.

“ASSARO NPC is a section 21 non-profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates the Australian Shepherd dog. All Australian Shepherds that are surrendered to us receive a full health check and get vaccinated, dewormed and neutered if necessary. We rely heavily on donations from our supporters and the proceeds from the sale of our products such as calendars, T-shirts and mugs.

We have a strict adoption policy and ensure that the right home is found, regardless of how long that may take. Cape Town and Joburg are the main bases where our rescues are cared for and we will facilitate transportation, from anywhere in SA, to ensure that the rescues arrive safely at ASSARO.”

For more information visit or contact Ingrid Liberte on 071 473 7080 / 0217853958 (h) or 021 788 1172 (w).