Community Chest

Community Chest

The Community Chest of The Western Cape was founded in 1928. That year 7914 pounds was raised and distributed to 15 member organisations. By 1938 the Community Chest was an accepted part of the Cape Town community and an unqualified success and has therefore, been in existence for the past 80 years.

Today the Community Chest supports more than 520 social welfare and development organisations with an annual spend of close to R 20 million.

As a leading professional fund-raiser, community investor and development organisation, the Community Chest facilitates caring to a wide range of people and communities. To do this the Community Chest provides the organisation and structure that enables social responsibility resources to go to the right people at the right time and the right place.

The Community Chest forms part of United Way International. United way is a volunteer led non-profit organisation that leads, supports and participates in collective, inclusive community efforts that build capacity and mobilise resources to improve lives and create positive, long term social change in local communities.


To advance, empower and care for vulnerable communities by adding human value and other resources to improve service delivery and achieve positive social impacts.


To enable communities in the quest to alleviate poverty. To foster and develop a Spirit of Philanthropy by motivating and creating opportunities for giving. To allocate funds raised and other resources for sustainable community development.

Business Recipe

Business Recipe To facilitate social change by offering a range of resources and services to Non Government Organisations (NGOs), underpinned by sound governance and business practices.