Community medics

Community Medics

History Community Medics started out as Camps Bay Community Medics (CBCM), which was officially registered as a Trust in 2007, however has been operational since as early as 1998. The organisation was established by 2 local paramedics, who identified that the response of Emergency Medical Services was lacking in the Camps Bay area. Since the involvement of CBCM the average response time in Camps Bay has been reduced significantly, to achieve beyond accepted international standards – CBCM achieved an average response time of 8 minutes compared to the international standard of 10 minutes.

Expansion In May 2013, through support from ER24, CBCM expanded its area of operation to include the City Bowl area and rebranded as Community Medics (CM). Community Medics is made up of a 21 strong team of highly dedicated professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure all patients receive a professional and rapid response to their life-threatening emergency. Through the financial and operational support of ER24, Community Medics is able to provide a full time salaried paramedic.

It is because of the partnership and support provided by ER24, Communications Hub and ADT that Community Medics has been able to expand into the City Bowl.

Services Community Medics operates a 24 hour contact centre to field any medical emergency in Camps Bay and the City Bowl. After receiving an emergency call, our contact centre dispatches an on duty Community Medic and coordinates the dispatch of any additional services required on scene.

Contribution to Society Community Medics is dedicated to providing the community with first world emergency medical care within a developing world environment. Our highly trained team of emergency medical personnel aim to deliver a rapid response to all members of the community. We strive to improve the standard of care for emergency medicine in South Africa and relieve the burden placed on state services to ensure a faster response to the community.

Community Medics is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation and relies solely on donations and partnerships to provide their service.