Dancing in the street. A Cape Town guardjie is turning stressful commuting into a joyride.

Nadeem Diempie Swartz is Cape Town’s newest social media sensation. In the past week videos of his antics have been shared dover 250 00 times. Diempie says he started taking a much lighter approach to his job as Salt Rover taxi guardjie when he noticed people were smiling a lot less, owing to the stress caused by Cape Town’s mounting traffic pressures.
Every day, he greets clients with a song and a dance, and with an open taxi door, Diempie continues with his hip-swaying, making sure the ride to work is a super fun one, from boarding to business.
Diempie told Smile90.4FM the best part of his job is making people smile, and that he’s grateful to share in the lives of so many strangers.
In his blood
With both his parents being born into a Kaapse Klopse community, Diempie says dancing is in his blood, and although he’s not on stage, the taxi has proven to be the ultimate moving platform. How will we solve traffic congestion issues in our city? Diempie says its simple, leave the car at home and hop on to a taxi. Preferably his, of course.