Down Syndrome Association of the Western Cape (DSAWC)

The Down Syndrome Association of the Western Cape (DSAWC) offers support to people with Down syndrome and similar disabilities, with support services extended to their families.

Established in 1976, we aim to improve the quality of life for people with Down syndrome and similar disabilities. We help them to take their place in society, develop to their full potential and use their skills to contribute to their communities. Support to the families of those with Down syndrome is provided through education, early intervention and information regarding medical aspects, employment and civil rights.

DSAWC offers a wide variety of services to people with Down syndrome and their families.

Through the years, we’ve realised that very little is being done for adults with Down syndrome and similar intellectual disabilities.

With the focus in the disability sector being more on the young child, we’ve decided to shift our focus slightly and put more emphasis on the young adult.

DSAWC offers on-going services such as counselling, social services, assistance with grant applications, social and fundraising events, awareness events and parent evenings, etc.

We offer our parents support and services which include:

  • Parent support information
  • Counselling
  • Training courses and conferences
  • Support groups
  • Outreach groups
  • Parent evenings
  • Dissemination to schools, hospitals and interested groups
  • Recreational projects
  • Referral service
  • Inclusive education
  • Government lobbying
  • Networking with companies and schools

Apart from these on-going activities we have four main projects we are running:

  • Outreach
  • Skills development & Supported employment
  • Leisure Library
  • Umthi Special Class
  • Parent support and counselling