Drakenstein Pallaitive Hospice

Drakenstein Palliative Hospice

At Drakenstein Palliative Hospice we believe in caring for the community, in the community, with the community. Helping people, help people, to embrace life and living… a hopeful future.

Traditionally Hospices care for patients with an expectation of ‘dying’. Due to the changing nature of life-threatening illnesses and the poor socio economic climate and limited resources available, we care for not only the infected patients but also their children and the affected community who are confronted with an expectation of ‘living’ with a life-threatening illness.


To provide professional palliative care to address the physical, emotional, social, information and cultural needs of persons infected with and affected by a life-threatening illness or life-limiting condition within the Drakenstein District.


Professional palliative care promoting quality of life. No end to hope.

Palliative care is the holistic care of someone diagnosed with a terminal illness. It includes pain management and symptom control, psychological, emotional and spiritual counselling and is offered to any and all whether or not they are able to pay. Our support extends to the family and friends of patients.

Medical ethical principles strongly inform our approach to care. Patient autonomy, the patient being the head of the team, is key to palliative care. To do no harm and to always check to whose benefit a decision is made, guide, often difficult and controversial, decision making. Our approach is to treat everybody with dignity, respect and equally thereby ensuring just, ethical practices.