Fisantekraal Animal Welfare

Fisantekraal Animal Welfare (FAW) is a community-based, non-profit organisation (NPO) working with the animals of Fisantekraal, Morning Star, and farms surrounding Durbanville.

Our mission is to sterilise and vaccinate the animals, treat them if they’re sick or injured, and rehome when necessary. We aim to educate and assist the people of the area, empowering them to look after their pets as well as they can.

Fisantekraal Animal Welfare was started in 2005 by Rosa Pheiffer who discovered that the animals of Fisantekraal were in desperate need of help. With the help of volunteers, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL), and local vets, hundreds of sterilisations were done.

Sadly, in those days, around 5000 animals had to be euthanased due to disease and neglect. However, because of the tireless efforts of FAW and friends, this sad statistic has really been turned around. We have grown vastly and have many dedicated volunteers.

We sterilised over 400 animals in 2012 alone!

FAW has vaccinated over 1500 animals against rabies, canine parvovirus, and distemper, and we’re seeing a steady improvement in the health of the animals we deal with. What’s more, over 200 sick and/or injured animals have been helped back to health – euthanasia is now only used when absolutely unavoidable in order to end real suffering. We’re able to treat animals suffering from mange, and dip to combat fleas and ticks.

A subsidised food programme allows the residents to purchase small amounts of dog or cat food at affordable prices, without having to travel into Durbanville (an impossibility for many of the residents) and pay high prices; Hungry dogs are regularly fed by FAW’s dedicated volunteers. Our kennel project, which involves donated kennels or those made by two enterprising young men from Fisantekraal out of old pallets, has seen many a dog stay warm and dry in winter.

Without the kind financial and other donations from the public, and the work of our volunteers, local vets, vet nurses, AACL, Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, and many others, this wouldn’t be possible. We say THANK YOU to all our supporters, and give a resounding round of applause to Rosa Pheiffer for founding Fisantekraal Animal Welfare.

As insurmountable as any problem may seem, always remember the Dalai Lama’s wise words: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito.”