Malachi Place of Safety

Malachi Place of Safety was established in 2005 by Audrey and Ruan Brummer after they volunteered to open their home as a safe house for abused and abandoned children. Ruan heads the SAPS Child Protection Unit (now known as the FCS Unit). The children come from drug or alcohol abused or abandoned homes, where they have experienced physical, mental or sexual abuse. They are placed in Malachi Place of Safety in the interim while social workers and police investigate their cases.

Audrey and Ruan opened their family home so that the children are provided with a loving, caring family environment; something many of them are not familiar with! They are also provided with all the normal everyday needs, like food, clothing, medical care, education, etc. The family try to restore their trust in adults and give them hope for the future.

Audrey hopes to impact on their lives so that they can leave with skills, knowledge and strength and affect others’ lives in a positive way.

We really appreciate all financial donations however donating your time can be just as valuable.

Times when we really need help:

– Lift club in the morning (we are currently lifting kids to 5 different schools, need to get up at 5am in order to be ready in time)

– Help with homework in the afternoons (we are currently unable to give each child the individual help they need when struggling with homework, due to time constraints.)

– Help with feeding and bathing early morning

Volunteer your skills:

– We would love to pave the outside area and paint murals on the floor, to provide a place for the kids to learn to ride a bicycle or skateboard.

– The home is in need of new gutters before winter as they currently don’t have any.