Media and Training Centre for Health (MTC)


To develop media that is relevant, accurate and that makes a difference To empower citizens who are unable to access mainstream media To assist and support marginalised communities to exercise their health rights

We work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders so that marginalised groups are able to exercise their rights and in this way access opportunities that improve the quality of their lives. Critical to this methodology, is the understanding that various sectors need to forge strong partnerships that will stimulate the process of community involvement, a prerequisite for effecting behavioural change.

MTC tries to make a difference in the health sector by taking into account the big picture, by asking the difficult questions such as what are the determining factors that impact on health? How do we address the health of vulnerable women and children taking into account the conditions under which they live? How do we bring together all the partners that influence health conditions?

We work in partnership with government departments, academic institutions, corporate organisations and other NGOs to develop media material that effects meaningful behaviour change.


MTC is funded by the Media Development Diversity Agency (MDDA) to train and support community radio stations to produce quality programmes that reflect the needs of their listeners and to facilitate partnerships with local stakeholders in order to effect behavioural impact.


MTC provides a health – promotion service to any client requiring media material. We specialise in the development of print and radio material that is participatory, interactive and impacts positively on health behaviour.

How do we achieve this?

MTC works with the target group to determine the most appropriate media for their needs.

Using focus group discussions, a conceptual draft of the communication material is tested with sample groups to ensure that the target group clearly understands the key messages in whatever language is best understood. This methodology applies to both print and radio material. The data is analysed, and the draft material is then adapted in line with the recommendations of the focus groups. Only once this process has been completed does the production phase begin.