Partners in Sexual Health

As dynamic and complicated the issue of sexual and reproductive health is, the HIV/AIDS era has brought many challenges for sexual and reproductive health interventions.

These challenges include the lack of access to targeted and reliable information on what works and what does not, limited access to evidence based approaches and tools, duplication of efforts, costly implementation of ineffective programmes and few opportunities to scale up successful approaches and strategies.

Secondly it has become blatantly imperative that partnerships and intersectoral approaches are of paramount importance. Having learnt these lessons, it gave rise to the establishment of Partners in Sexual Health (PSH).It is of this reason that the core values of PSH are imbedded on partnerships.

Partners in Sexual Health, founded by Pasty de Lora in September 2008, is an evidence based organization that focuses on sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS amongst all men, women and specifically youth in South Africa. In January 2009, PSH was formally established as a fully fledge non governmental organization.

PSH therefore focuses on evidence, proven effective practices, experiences, lessons learnt then transfer and exchange this knowledge to improve sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS amongst the South African population.


To pursue ongoing learning, reflection and exchange of best practices with the aim of improving sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS amongst all men and women, specifically youth in South Africa.


Decrease the breach between sexual and reproductive health research and intervention programmes to improve effective evidence based practices based on results and the quality of sexual and reproductive health.


To strengthen partnership and inter-sectoral collaboration in the field of sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS. To improve sexual health intervention programmes that is practical, cost effective and results orientated. To share evidence based and best practices experiences amongst partners. Conducting evidence based advocacy for sound policies and programmes in the promotion of sexual health.