Sarfat Community Projects

Sarfat Community Projects

Sarfat Community Projects is an independent, non-profit organisation with the purpose of providing an extensive community service through development projects.

It is registered both as a non-profit organisation (004-407 NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO 930005488).

Sarfat Community Projects was established in 1993 by community and church leaders from the northern suburbs of the Cape Town Metro pole. In the first few years the organization concentrated on entrepreneurial development. A number of unemployed people were assisted in becoming self-employed entrepreneurs, several of whose businesses have grown to substantial home businesses (e.g. a nursery and bakery).

In 1996 a delegation of church leaders in Bloekombos contacted Sarfat for assistance in development. The pastors felt a great responsibility towards the needs of their community. From then the work of Sarfat focused more on community development – helping people to help themselves.


As partners in Christ we work together in love to unlock and develop our God given potential.


To help build the Kingdom of Christ through community development projects with the purpose of promoting the quality of life of the community concerned.


To facilitate participation in development projects by the Church, the private sector, the State, local government, schools, the public and social and welfare organizations.
We aim to provide life-sustaining services for people in need of assistance where these services are wanted, or support existing services.
To co-ordinate different development projects that promotes education and job creation.