StreetSmart South Africa

How Does StreetSmart Work?

StreetSmart South Africa works along the same lines as it does in the United Kingdom, San Francisco and Australia. It is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation and a Public Benefit Organisation which functions as a conduit fundraising body, distributing raised funds to selected beneficiaries. The current beneficiaries in South Africa are organisations that work with street children and children who are vulnerable and at risk of becoming street children.

A board of Directors coordinates StreetSmart.

StreetSmart raises money via participating restaurants, and distributes this money directly to organisations with the experience and facilities to help vulnerable children. Participating restaurants display a StreetSmart card on the table informing patrons that a voluntary R5.00 donation will be added to their bill. They will have the option to give more than R5.00 (or not give at all). The initiative runs throughout the year and not just at holiday times.

Every cent raised in the restaurants goes to the selected beneficiaries in each city, town or area. All StreetSmart’s operational costs are taken care of by corporate sponsorships.

StreetSmart’s goal is to be part of the process of social normalisation.

The long-term vision is to develop a StreetSmart South Africa, with key restaurants in all major centres embracing the StreetSmart campaign.

At present StreetSmart South Africa is only operating in Cape Town, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Somerset West.

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