Take the Leap…with Bobby and Lindy on Smile Breakfast

Take the Leap with Bobby and Lindy is the story of a modern woman taking a leap for love.


Bobby and Lindy have found that modern woman who will be taking advantage of the opportunity that comes around once every four years, to propose to her man … live on Smile Breakfast, on 29 February …


Missed some of the clips?  Here’s Chapter 1 – 5 in which Lindy tells us more about Ms X & Mrs Y…

Listen to Chapter 1 here… 22 February

Listen to Chapter 2 here… 23 February

Listen to Chapter 3 here… 24 February

Listen to Chapter 4 here… 25 February

Listen to Chapter 5 here… 26 February


Watch the live engagement at the One&Only Cape Town, right here:


Take The Leap – The Story of a Modern Woman Taking a Leap for Love!