Childrens Radio

The Children’s Radio Foundation

The CHILDREN’S RADIO FOUNDATION gives young people the tools and skills to make their voices heard.

With over 50 youth radio projects across five African countries, we work with radio stations and youth organizations to create opportunities for youth dialogue, leadership, social engagement, and action.

Through radio broadcasts, young people speak about their concerns and reach out to their peers and wider audiences about the issues they face.

What We Do

CRF’s journey began in South Africa in 2007 with the idea that radio is an important tool for youth empowerment in Africa. We now have over 1000 CRF-trained youth radio reporters at 50 project sites in 5 countries who broadcast shows in for youth in their community on a weekly basis in 25 local languages.


䄏 IDENTIFY a local site, radio station, and community organization partner. 䄏 TRAIN community members to work as project leaders and mentors. 䄏 TRAIN youth to research, produce, and broadcast radio shows. 䄏 CREATE ongoing youth-oriented radio shows that address important issues in the community, and stimulate dialogue among youth. 䄏 SUPPORT projects with resources, production tips, monitoring and evaluation, and monthly newsletters. 䄏 CONNECT youth through an online audio sharing platform so they can exchange content, interact, and learn from each other.

Why Radio?

RADIO IS EASY TO LEARN. Radio requires minimal technical expertise. Young people are able to learn production and broadcast skills quickly.

RADIO IS UNIVERSAL IN AFRICA. In 2011, only 6.2% of Africans logged on to the internet. Over 80% of people in Africa have regular access to a radio, making it a crucial source of information.

RADIO IS FLEXIBLE AND PORTABLE. Radio projects are suited to all settings, even remote, isolated areas where electricity is not readily available.

RADIO PROJECTS ARE INEXPENSIVE. In 2011, an operating budget of approximately $620,000USD enabled us to reach millions of youth on the African continent.