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Elvis vs Beatles vs Mariah Carey

1s@1 Music Poll: Who’s the greatest of the greatest hitmakers?

Elvis is not only “The King” according to his fans – the stats agree, almost. Of the artists who had the most number-one singles in the USA according to the official Billboard Hot 100 chart, the King is second only to one group of four fab British gents, The Beatles. Second that is alongside the R&B queen who is able to “Carey” a tune over four octaves. Yes, the King is tied at second place (for the time being) with Mariah Carey.

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If you’re struggling to make up your mind, these renditions might jog your memory.

This may just be the cutest cover of the biggest #1 hit The Beatles ever had in The States:

Here’s Elvis shakin’ the Ed Sullivan Show with his biggest chart-topper back in ’56:

Mariah Carey’s biggest number-one smash was “We Belong Together”, but if you love mistaken lyrics nothing beats “Ken Lee” –  a complete, uhm, reimagining of Carey’s song “Without You” in fake English by a contestant in the second season of the Bulgarian show “Music Idol”:

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  1. lehnnon

    3 years ago


  2. Danie Marais

    3 years ago

    Hi Lehnnon, please vote by ticking the Beatles box higher up on this page.

  3. ProMoJo

    3 years ago

    Such a great initiative 🙂 Patiently (not) awaiting the result 🙂 Happy Friday #TeamSmile 🙂