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And the funniest #1 philosophy student karaoke song is …

A while ago, we (Benito and Danie, that is) had a good laugh about the list Jarry Lee made for – The Canon of Philosophy Karaoke Songs. Seeing that most of the song titles Jarry Lee humurously mashed up with the names of famous philosophers were also number-one hits, we thought: Why not make a poll out of it? We even managed to add three of our own silly philosophical karaoke titles, and now you’re invited to join in and vote.

[poll id=”13″]

If you can think of any other number-one hits to combine with the names of philosophers, please drop us a comment below. And of course we can’t have fun with philosophers without tipping our hats to those incorrigible band of British pranksters, Monty Python – this clip might even give you a few ideas for some more philosophy student karaoke songs:

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  1. ProMoJo

    2 years ago

    Absolutely Hilarious 😀 Tears I Tell You 😀

    • Danie Marais

      2 years ago

      Glad you’re enjoying it with us, Jo! Benito and I found it so amusing, we just couldn’t resist doing a poll. Still struggling to find a good spoof title with Plato, Socrates, Heidegger and Nietzsche though. Any ideas? I thought Pink Freud would be a nice name for a parody group.

  2. ProMoJo

    2 years ago

    Pink Freud = perfect 🙂

    Tsk… Tsk… Danie Nana – what about “Nietzsche Gonna Change My Love for You”

    At a loss with the others, but will give it further thought 😉

  3. Danie Marais

    2 years ago

    Respect, Jo. And how could I have forgotten Air Supply’s “Making Love out of Nietzsche At All”?