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The ultimate #1 hit from the 80s is …

It was the decade of big earrings and even bigger teased hair. There were shoulder pads, hair metal, moonwalking and a whole lot of new electronic sounds pumping through smoke machines and lazer shows. But if you had to choose one song from the era that gave us Thriller, Madonna, Whitney Houston and Culture Club, what would it be?

Steve Hawtin consulted 205 record charts and compiled a list of the 100 biggest hits of the 80s. You can see the whole list here, but we’d like to know which one of the decade’s top 20 hits you like best of all.

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If you loved “the decade that style forgot”, as VH1 used to call it, these 13 minutes will be a real joyride:

80s mix tape

It was of course also the era of the Walkman and the love letter disguised as a mix tape. Well, here’s a YouTube mix tape to shake to all night long – just click on “PLAYLIST”, top left, and then press “play”:

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  1. Camillah Adams

    3 years ago

    No Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up? Whaaaaaat?! I like this list though 🙂

    • Danie Marais

      3 years ago

      I was also surprised by the absence of Rick Astley and A-ha in the top 20, but it seems Steve Hawtin, the guy who compiled the list, was quite meticulous in his consultation of a host of international charts. Astley wasn’t far from the top 20 though – “Never Gonna Give You Up” is at number 24 and “Take On Me” is at number 27:

  2. ProMoJo

    3 years ago

    Sjoe! Interesante mengsel hierdie week en dit is regtig ‘n moeilike keuse hoor! 1 van 3 (eenie, meenie…) Verlede week was maklik – daar was maar net een & hy’t bo uitgekom! Maak ogies toe en druk?!? HaHa! As if! Well here goes!

    No Depeche Mode either, but I still need to review that Top100 list 😉

  3. fazeelah

    3 years ago

    So many to choose frm its a pity u can onli choose 1 😉