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Who ruled your musical roost in the 'noughties'?

The way we buy, share, listen to and talk about music changed radically from the dawn of the new millennium to the end of 2009. The 2000s gave us the MP3 player, iTunes Store, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter.

Pop lovers got lost in their own music libraries by doing the iPod shuffle. Hot new music videos went viral on YouTube along with very regular people who became stars overnight, like the so-called “Star Wars Kid” in 2002 who videotaped himself swinging a golf ball retriever like Darth Maul. It’s one of the oldest viral videos on the net and has been viewed more than a billion times:

Even parodies of this clip went viral:

The young YouTube star himself was, however, not so happy with his own unexpected fame. After the clip became the most viewed viral video of all time, the “Star Wars Kid” and his parents sued four of his schoolmates for harassment.

Another viral trend typical of the ‘noughties” was internet memes like this one:

Cat Norris

Or this one:

Who let the dogs out meme

“Who Let the Dogs Out” (2000) by the Baha Men was incidentally also one of the decade’s biggest one-hit wonders, reaching #6 on the countdown hosted by William Shatner – VH1’s 100 Greatest One-hit Wonders.

Physical record sales declined rapidly as digital sales started to soar. The charts were dominated by hip hop and R&B, but if the list of top-charting acts of the ‘noughties’ prove anything, it’s just how eclectic the music taste of the global village had become: In a decade where artists as diverse as Eminem, Norah Jones, Beyoncé, The Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay sold millions, the best-selling album in The States was the number-one hit collection of The Fab Four:


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  1. Camillah Adams

    3 years ago

    I often wonder what happened to Robbie Williams… biggest star of the 00’s… filled stadiums to the brim (remember Live at Knebworth?). Last time I heard he’s living in America, a country he failed to “break” into musically, with his non celeb wife and a daughter named Teddie. A big believer in aliens too apparently.