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You can save seven lives

“Don’t wait to become an organ donor, because the life you save might be that of a loved one”. That’s the message from a young Capetonian who’s had an organ transplant.

The Organ Donor Foundation says there are currently 114 000 people on its donor register which is only 0.2 percent of the population. Six hundred transplants are performed each year in South Africa, while over 4 300 South Africans are waiting for organs. Brandon le Grange, who received a heart transplant when he was 12, says he now leads a normal life. He advises people to register to be an organ donor sooner rather than later.

Seven main organs, from one donor, can be used to save at least seven lives. The donor organs are sent to the children that need it the most.

Meanwhile, Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has vowed to help find innovative ways to encourage people to become organ donors. She says government has the responsibility to make it easy for people to agree to become donors. She also stated that she will explore  how to pursue people to sign up online.

Possible donors can sign up at the following link:


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