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Your fur baby is basically like your child, except they devour dog biscuits and don’t need to have their nappies changed!

They’re a part of the family and make our day! See how many you can relate to of these:

  1. You resort to baby talk when your pup does something cute. They are a lot like your child, so maybe that’s why it is so easy to resort to baby talk when they do something adorable. It’s likely that they have no idea what you are saying, but they’ll cuddle with you, anyway.
  1. You get excited over a trick you’ve seen them do 100 times. When you’re a proud dog mom or dad, even the smallest things are an accomplishment if your pup did it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen and shared that trick with them a million times, you’ll be super excited whenever they do it. You also don’t hold out on those yummy treats. What a good boy!
  1. Your phone is full of pet pictures. Anyone who has a dog knows that you cannot help snapping pics of them. Of course they’ll do something cute or funny and the minute you take your phone out, they stop. So you will then act crazy to get them to do that thing again and snap about 50 photos in the hope you’ll catch it. Oh and 36 of them will be blurry because your pup moved.
  1. You don’t care that your morning Good-bye’s leave you covered in fur. Missing those furry cuddles – forget about it. There is nothing a lint roller can’t solve.
  1. Kneeling down and opening your arms wide while they run to you is everything. You know those YouTube videos where parents get so excited about their baby taking their first steps towards them? That is you every single time you get home and you hear those pattering paws coming down the hall and headed your way. It’s simple, but it’s one of the best feelings ever, because they’re always so hyped to see you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bailey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bailey Schneider – Smile Drive Anchor, Weekdays 3pm-6pm