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Are you a cat or a dog person?

A few weeks I ago I asked the question “Do cats rule and dogs drool?” Who do you like most, dogs or cats.

It was bit of a rhetorical question, because you see I already knew the answer, but I was just testing to see if all the cat and dog lovers out there knew the answer.

It’s obvious that dogs are more fun, more loving, more intelligent. You don’t see cats pulling down bad guys in the police or sniffing out bombs and drugs at the airport. Imagine if you were stuck in the snow in an avalanche and they sent a Siamese cat to find you. You would be starring in the next remake of The Iceman Cometh.

I’m just a little biased, just a little. You see if I touch a cat, no maybe that it an under exaggeration, if I walk past a house that has a cat, my eyes start twitching and then watering and then swelling and before you know it, I need a guide dog to get me home. Yes, I’m allergic.

My test was very scientific. I did a poll on my personal Facebook page and I have just over four thousand people on it. No bias in my question just” Are you at cat person or are you a dog person”

And the results…ta-da. As you would expect the dog lovers were quickly out of the blocks and with their usual doggy enthusiasm quickly streaked to a 60 – 40 lead as it should be.

I should have closed the poll at that point because the strangest thing happened. Feline supporters slowly started waking up, risked the wrath of the dog lovers and timidly started clicking the like button, for cats. Slowly they started catching up and it was 50 – 50 for the longest time before they slowly started edging in the lead eventually winning 60 – 40 with 269 of the 452 votes eventually going the catty way.

Does liking a cat more than a dog mean anything? Well interestingly enough it does and Psychology Today has reported on this.

Should you be employing dog people or cat people and are they different? What about choosing partners, does their dog or cat preference say something about them.

Owning a dog is a social experience, thanks to the need to walk them. A cute dog provides the opportunity for all kinds of social interactions. Dogs are also a lot more work than cats, so does that mean that dog owners are by nature more accommodating, and willing to work harder at relationships than cat people?

Cats however usually live longer than dogs and the contract between cat and owner is a much longer one.

There is no doubt however, that when it comes to social media cats and not dogs are the stars of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Dog lovers across the city have taken it in their stride and are regrouping for another poll which will be held soon. The battle is not over yet!

What is clear to me however, is that the people of our beautiful city are mad about their moggies and doggies.


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