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Capetonians really have something to celebrate as we reach the end of our winter rain season. Our City dams have filled up beyond 66% as we enter Spring, and more rain and snow will eventually trickle down to bump it up even further.

So what better time than to have a water party!

Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy headed out to the Newlands Spring this week for the Smile Water Party, celebrating the fact that we have defeated Day Zero, and we are certainly in a much better position than this time last year.

City dams were just 35% full in September 2017.

And it was also a perfect opportunity to thank all our Smile Water Warriors who have done everything humanly possible to save water.

The provincial government’s James Brent-Styan joined Bobby and Lindy and was full of praise for all YOUR efforts. He acknowledged that Smile 90.4 FM was really at the forefront when it came to encouraging people to save, even before the possibility of a Day Zero was announced.

Dozens of Smileys also braved the traffic and the rain to come say hello to the team.

The City certainly is encouraged by the recent rain, but remember Water restrictions and the associated tariffs remain in place.

We have to wait for the National Water and sanitation department to decide whether restrictions will be relaxed. They’ve indicated it might only happen if dams reach 85%.

The City’s Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson says the focus now moves to future water projects, but we simply must continue to save as much water as possible, regardless of how full our dams are.

The ‘new normal’ will require us to continue to do those little things you’ve been doing to save water, using buckets, storage tanks… not flushing when it’s not strictly necessary, and realising you’re grass will again die in summer…

Well done to everyone for doing everything they can to make sure we never have to face a Day Zero threat again.

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Liesl Smit – Senior Reporter and Anchor, Smile 90.4FM News