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My life as I know it is about to change significantly once again when my wife and I welcome our second son into this world in just a few short weeks from now. One can say that it’s my last three weeks of (proper) sleep and some disposable income available for a few date nights a month.

It’s something I don’t mind of course, because it was a conscious decision to have another child. One thing I do crave though is just one last day with some of my good friends to share stories and parenting advice. Turns out, this sort of gathering has a name and is starting to gain some traction in South Africa… It’s called “Daddy Diaper Parties”.

So how these parties work is, while mom and her friends enjoy the more traditional baby shower, the men gather at someone’s house, at a sports bar or a restaurant and the cover charge to attend is a pack of nappies, wipes or anything to help with the new baby. It’s where the dad-to-be is placed in the limelight and enjoys a few hours of light-hearted fun with the “boys” and gets some much-needed advice from the other dads in the group who’ve been around the mountain a few times.

When I brought this topic up during my Saturday morning radio show, I was surprised to see how many responses I got from people who’ve actually either already been at a Daddy Diaper Party or have hosted one themselves. There were also a few people who’ve said that it works best when the Daddy Diaper Party and the baby shower happen on the same day and culminate in a joint dinner or braai.

I absolutely love this concept and with just three weeks to go before my wife gives birth, I’m hoping I’ll get to experience one as well.


Morné Esben – Senior Reporter and Anchor, Smile90.4 FM News