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For all proud cat owners

Calling all Cat Lovers. Cats can be misunderstood creatures. Those who don’t understand will think they’re snobby and offish… Cat lovers know that they are fluffy best friends who will give you your space, but then also take up your space by sitting right down on your keyboard. See how many of these you relate to.
1. There’s nothing better when your cats eyes get all big. Hearts everywhere are melting just thinking about it. You are a sucker for those big eyes a cat gets when they want to play. It’s just too much to handle.
2. You never get tired of looking at Cat Pictures. Bring on the pictures and videos of cats, and keep them coming. We will never grow old of these gems, and that’s why they’re so popular on the Internet. You probably even follow a few famous cat accounts on Instagram.
3. A little cat hair is no problem. You’ve stopped using a lint roller to get rid of the fur on your pants. It’s everywhere and pretty useless at this point. You always have a little cat hair on you, and it’s not a problem. It just shows that you were cuddling with your cat, and you love bragging about that.
4. A cats purr is soothing to you. A cat’s purr is that validation that they are happy to be around you. It really is the best sound in the world. As a matter of fact, you could say it’s absolutely purrfect. Forget gentle rainfall or the waves of the ocean, because a cat’s purr is the most relaxing sound you’ll hear.
5. You say hello to every cat you meet. It’s an impulse. You can’t even control yourself. When you see a cat walking down the street, something comes over you and you find yourself saying, “Hey kitty kitty kitty.” Your voice might even change pitches, and you start making weird noises to get the furry friend’s attention. Just know, you’re not alone. We have all done it.


Bailey Schneider – Smile Drive Anchor, Weekdays 3pm-6pm