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Guilt-free sipping with Stream Straws

Have you noticed how plastic straws are becoming quite taboo? I can’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant and was offered one. In fact, I had dinner with a friend recently and was presented with a paper straw. It worked well until my cocktail made it a bit soggy. Better yet was the pasta straw I got at my local coffee shop during Plastic free July.

It’s great to see more eco-friendly options becoming available because since the late 80’s, plastic straws have been on the top 10 list of items found on the coast during beach and marine cleanups. It’s no wonder since 2 plastic straws used per week adds up to an incredible sum of 7131 straws in one person’s lifetime. That in mind, we have to start taking responsibility and start saying ‘no thanks’ to the plastic straw and ‘yes please’ to a greener alternative.

Personally, the best alternative to the plastic straw that I’ve come across is made from glass. “Glass?!” I hear you say. “But won’t it break?”. Well, no. The Stream straw is made out of borosilicate glass, which makes it extremely durable. It’s even safe for kids, resistant to thermal shock and it’s dishwasher friendly (always a win in my books).

lindysefoto (1)

I love the idea that you have one straw that you carry around with you and use whenever the need arises. You then give it a rinse and pop it back into your handbag. It’s so clever!

By opting for a Stream Straw, you’re also contributing towards local job creation. The straws are handcrafted in South Africa by a passionate team. Each step of the process is done with the utmost attention to detail, giving each straw their own unique look.

I even think it’d be fun to give your Stream Straw a name. After all, you’re going to land up being lifelong companions. ‘Slurpie’ comes to mind. Oh, the things you’ll sip!

Cheers to making new friends and a positive environmental impact.

For more information on Stream straws, visit the website:


Lindy Hibbard – Smile Breakfast Anchor, Weekdays 6am-9am