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Kindness in the clouds and high altitude appreciation

I was feeling quite anxious to fly alone with my 10-month-old baby boy, only because the last time we flew, George screamed blood curdling screams on descent because of his poor ears and it was a traumatic experience. It also happened to be over a long weekend, so I knew the flight wasn’t going to be that empty.

As soon as I took my seat, I was pleasantly surprised by how kind strangers all around me were – they not only showed me kindness, but they made my whole experience so wonderful that they replaced my anxiety of flying with a little one with a sense of ease and confidence.

This is what I shared on social media:

“Today I was reminded of how wonderfully kind strangers can be. There really are Earth Angels! I was anxious to fly with George – only because my last trip was pretty traumatic with his poor ears & blood-curdling screams!

There was a lovely lady sitting next to us – she held him and entertained him when I really needed to get settled. It’s like they instantly had a bond! Whenever he would get niggly or have a little cry, others around me suddenly played peek-a-boo and tears were replaced with giggles.

The air hostess helped me distract him, while I changed George – who wriggles and rolls (it’s a workout trying to get a nappy on and off these days) 20 mins before descent, an Angel of a woman across the aisle from me, took him, stroked his forehead and like magic, he was fast asleep. He slept through it all – no ear problems at all and I am just so grateful to every stranger who was so good and kind to us!”

Kindness is the most beautiful thing!

It’s so true what they say. It really does take a village.


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