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Little Smileys, big personalities

On Friday the 6th of April, Smile 90.4FM hosted the first Bekkig Boot camp of the year. 10 little ones between the ages of 6 and 10 came to the studio to see what happens behind the scenes and share their thoughts for the Bekkig feature on Smile Breakfast.

Parents and bright-eyed kiddies started arriving at 08:30 and were welcomed with coffee, tea and muffins. The kids’ excitement was palpable as they stood peering into the Smile Breakfast studio, little noses pressed up against the glass to get a glimpse of the team inside. One little girl brought her toy dog to share in the excitement.

In the What Have We Learnt segment of the show (just before 09:00) the kids were ushered into the studio to get a taste of live radio. Bobby asked the group who were huddled around two microphones how they’re feeling and they answered politely in unison “Fine, thanks!” When asked if they were excited, he got an emphatic “Yeeeeeeeeeees!”

After the breakfast show finished at 09:00, the Bekkig Boot campers were taken on a tour of the Smile 90.4FM studio and offices. They were given a breakdown of what the news department does, what the marketing department is responsible for and what happens in music programming. However, they seemed to find the plush toys on the windowsill far more appealing than the process of dealing with breaking news. Fair enough.

After the tour, it was off to the recording studio. One by one they were interviewed on questions varying from the sublime to the ridiculous! Be sure to listen out for them in the next few weeks.

What’s remarkable is how confident these little Smileys are and their sense of imagination. They interpret ideas in a creative, uninhibited way and that’s what makes “picking their brains” so much fun! If only we could all still have that sense of wonder.

The first Bekkig Boot camp of 2018 was a huge success and there will definitely be more throughout the year, so if you have a talkative little one at home and you weren’t able to bring them through this time, please do come through next time. The littlest Smileys always leave the biggest impression on the team and who knows, it might just inspire the next great radio star.


Lindy Hibbard – Smile Breakfast Anchor, Weekdays 6am-9am