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Mapping out the future of water saving

The latest updated Cape Town water map has revealed impressive statistics for the month of January, most significantly that 154 000 households have received the ‘dark green dot’ water saving status for using less than 6.0 kl per month. The water map, which is updated on a monthly basis, also shows that a total of 314 000 households stepped up to the plate with their water-saving efforts. The City has urged all residents to keep up the good work a little longer.

Regardless of rainfall or water supply augmentation, Cape Town needs to continue striving to reduce average daily consumption to 450 million litres a day. This must be done in order to stretch our water supplies as far as possible. If each one of us continues to use 50 litres of water a day, we will not only beat Day Zero this year but will also be in a better position to avoid it next year. Consumption on the map is indicated by dots in various colours. Households using less than 6000 litres of water are marked with dark green dots.

Those using between 6000 and 10 500 litres per month are represented by light green dots.

Green dots with small dark green centres show an estimated water reading of less than 6000 litres per month. Grey dotted areas with small green centres indicate a monthly water meter readings of less than 10 5000, while solid grey dots show areas where water use is zero, and include mostly undeveloped properties and those with no information available. This is what it looks like:

Water map

All households are encouraged to check their monthly consumption and if necessary, take action to reduce it. Remember to keep your Wednesdays waterless and to visit the Smile Good News Network regularly for updates about hard working water saving individuals and organizations.  Visit to view the map.


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