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One extra large helping of empathy, please

When most people think of a hero, they think of some type of caped crusader who fights bad guys and always saves the day. But heroes are all around us, in ordinary clothes quietly going about their jobs (even serving us our Friday night fish & chips)!

On the 15th of March 2018 @ziyaadcaffrey Tweeted: “This physically challenged man comes to the Fishaways in Kenilworth Centre every day for lunch and this employee feeds him every day without fail. There really are some good human beings in this world”.

The Tweet has since been liked close to 8 000 times and re-Tweeted almost 3 000 times with hundreds of comments commending this young lady for her kindness and compassion.

Her name is Nezifwa Sokutapa and she’s been working at Fishaways Kenilworth Centre since 2008. In 2009 she noticed a man in a wheelchair regularly coming into the store for lunch. He had two ladies assisting him since he had limited use of his hands.

In 2011 Nezifwa said the man started coming in alone and her heart went out to him as he was struggling without any assistance. She immediately offered to help him and just like that, a beautiful friendship was born.

Nezifwa has been assisting her customer every day for the last 7 years. She takes his card out of his wallet, orders his meal (prepared specially so that it’s easy for him to eat), pays for it and tucks his card away safely. She then feeds him his lunch, forkful by forkful.

Nezifwa said he’s so much more than just a customer. She genuinely cares for him and has instructed her co-workers specifically on how to fill in for her when she’s on leave: “If I’m not there, they mustn’t let him turn away,” she laughed.

The man resides at a nearby Cerebral Palsy facility for adults that can’t live on their own any more or don’t have a family to look after them. This daily outing to the mall provides him with that little bit of independence that does wonders for his wellbeing. Nezifwa said their friendship has enriched her life and it makes her feel good to know she’s doing something helpful.

It’s the little things people do for one another that make all the difference. They don’t cost a lot, and in fact, most of them don’t cost a cent. But small actions can move mountains.


Lindy Hibbard – Smile Breakfast Anchor, Weekdays 6am-9am