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Taking Care of Yourself When You’re a Mom

A friend of mine was telling me that I haven’t lived until I’ve tried an hour and a half class of yoga. I just thought: An hour and a half? Who has time for that? I barely have time for my 2 minute shower. It was food for thought and I realised that that really isn’t good either. I spoke to some of my super busy Mom friends for advice on quick and easy ways busy moms can take better care of themselves on a daily basis.

  1. Treat yourself like a 3 year old, when it comes to screen time. You already know that excessive screen time before bed is terrible for your children, but what about the 45 minutes you spend mindlessly scrolling through your feeds every evening? It has the same effect, making you groggy, anxious and less able to actually relax. Ban technology in the bedroom, and while you’re at it, put down the phone at the dinner table, too. Be sure to unfollow people who make you feel bad or feel you have to compare yourself to. You’ll feel better already.
  1. Plan a night out. Get a sitter, ask your husband or a family member to help for a few hours and then go out for a night. Put on your favourite lipstick, gather some girlfriends and enjoy – it could be sushi, a movie or anything that doesn’t revolve around the kids.
  1. Eat off your own plate, not your child’s. Remember those pre-baby recipes you concocted? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. But know this, there is a middle ground between being a master chef and licking hour-old maple syrup off a child-sized fork. You’re better than that. Make yourself a proper meal. Your body will also thank you.
  1. Use a candle instead of the bathroom light. You want a spa-like experience, and here in Cape Town, our baths have been a no-go for nearly 2 years now. Here’s a nifty trick! Turn off the lights and light a few candles. You’ll instantly feel calmer.
  1. Try a sheet face mask. Who has time to apply face masks? I love face sheet masks because you can apply them, make dinner and school lunches and you don’t need to wash them off. You just take them off and rub in the excess serum. No mess, no fuss and your skin will thank you.


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