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The Avela Foundation is moving mountains

The Avela Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to help children with burn injuries on their road to physical and psychological recovery. The foundation was inspired by a brave young girl who showed tremendous courage in the face of adversity.

Children are magnificent, vibrant, and full of life. Sometimes life doesn’t treat them kindly and that’s where the Avela Foundation come in – by giving them hope through love and support.

Cami Palomo moved to Cape Town six years ago from Miami. She is originally from El Salvador. She began volunteering with burn survivors in 2012, for what she thought would be three months only. Six years later, Cami is still happily living in South Africa. That’s where she met Avela who inspired the creation of the Avela Foundation, of which she is the founder.

Twelve people from across continents will soon embark on an expedition that will be life-changing – not only for themselves but for the thousands of South African children who annually suffer serious burn injuries. The group will proudly fly the flag of the Avela Foundation in collaboration with the Smile Foundation.

Palomo has gathered eleven special people across generations to accompany her on this journey to Base Camp of the mighty Mount Everest.  She’s passionate and determined to raise funds for Avela and other organisations that assist young burn survivors by providing the latest technology and equipment to improve burn injuries.

Hedley Lewis, Smile Foundation’s CEO, says climbing base camp is an unbelievable challenge and that his organisation lauds the Avela Foundation for partnering with them and embarking on this incredible journey. “This journey is about overcoming challenges for both the climbers but just as importantly for burn survivors. In this instance base camp is a light for these survivors”, says Lewis.

Find out how you can support this remarkable mission by visiting their website: or call Cami on 072 733 1750.


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