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The Boss is Human Too!

Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography ‘Born To Run’ is one hell of a read.

Like everything this giant of rock ‘n roll music does, Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography is a hefty 500 pages of compelling reading.  Every chapter sucks you deeper and deeper into the story of one of the worlds hardest working musicians.

Springsteen’s story is told with an articulateness one does not expect from a rock star.  That said, it should not be surprising that The Boss is such a brillaint wordsmith … right up there with Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan, as far as songwriting goes.

Springsteen’s words pop off the pages like notes from a truly inspired song.  ‘Born To Run’ the book is equal parts memoire and documentary of songs, recordings, albums and musical adventures.  There’s also a healthy dose of personal history which reveals much of the Springsteen backstory which informs so many of his songs.

Bruce shares details of his childhood … his love for his sister … his problems with his Irish father … and his admiration for his Italian mother.  Who would have thought that The Boss is a mommy’s boy?

Above all, Springsteen’s passion for music and his search for artistic authenticity comes across powerfully between the pages.  Chapters are peppered with back stories and interesting anecdotes written in rich, emotional, descriptive prose.

The Boss surprises us with brutal honesty about his battle with depression.  During his most popular and powerful decades as a rock icon, Bruce tells us that he relied on psychiatrist and therapist Dr Myers to as he puts it “guide me to the strength and freedom I needed to love things and be loved”.

He adds: “I was crushed between 60 and 62, good for a year, and out again from 63 to 64, not a good record”.  He adds that his wife “Patti will observe a freight train bearing down, loaded with nitroglycerin and running quickly out of track … she gets me to the doctors and says: This man needs a pill.”

On this World Mental Health Day it is good to know that The Boss is human too!

Let’s raise awareness of mental health matters and work in support of better mental health for all!



Clive Ridgway – Program Director, Smile 90.4FM