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The magic of marimba and a week of world records

Marimba Jam is a vibrant, female-driven company that both performs and teaches Marimbas in Cape Town.

They are available for all sorts of events such as weddings, staff functions, birthday parties, general performances and light entertainment. Their well trained teachers are currently based in the Southern Suburbs where they teach at various schools on a weekly basis. They also offer private lessons and workshops for all ages.

Marimba Jam originally sprung from an initiative created to share the joy of playing marimbas with learners who had not had the opportunity to do so.

This initiative aimed to give learners a means of expression through rhythm and music and aimed to promote cultural and social harmony.

Now, Marimba Jam is a company that strives to continue to enrich students with the energy and enjoyment of Marimba music – and they are continually expanding on their Outreach Programs.

Currently teaching over 300 school students on a weekly basis in Cape Town as well as having a professional Marimba Jam Band, Marimba Jam has become a thriving and dynamic organization

Marimba Jam has teamed up with Imbewu Marimba Community for a never-before-seen Women’s Day event!

They will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Marimba Ensemble on Women’s Day (9 August 2018), with only female participants! This event will be hosted by Tyger Valley Mall and will include young women from all socio-economic backgrounds from around Cape Town.

The current record for the largest marimba ensemble is 108 participants and is held by Oxley State School, Brisbane Australia. They are expecting to surpass this with close to 300 female participants.

Program of the day:

10 am         Marimba Jam Performing Band

11am          Public Workshop (Free Entrance for all members of the public)

12:30pm    Improvisation Workshop (Available to all marimba students)

2pm            Rehearsal (All students to arrive by 1:20pm)

3pm            Guinness World Record Attempt

All items on the program will be free of charge, although donations will be taken towards an Outreach Program throughout the day.

They hope that this event will be a monumental moment for the Cape Town Marimba Community and they are beyond excited to celebrate Women’s Day in such a festive way.


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