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There are (fallen) angels among us

On the corner of the R27 and the Old Bush Pub is a road that leads you to a very special farm called; Fallen Angels Pet Rescue. I recently started dedicating every odd Saturday morning to volunteering at the rescue; and I do my bit by walking the furry four-legged friends and let’s not forget about the three-legged buddies as well! Fallen Angels is a registered NPO who focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of domestic animals. Any animal that is forgotten, neglected or fallen is considered, hence them being fallen angels.

What makes Fallen Angels Pet Rescue so special is that they have a ‘no euthanasia’ policy. They believe that every life is as important as the next and work hard to get every rescued furry friend adoption-ready. Some animals are easy to rehome; they have great personalities and a soft coat to rival your favourite blanket – then of course there are more difficult cases, where they need a bit of help, either to learn how to play nicely with other animals and people, or maybe to heal from an injury or recover from illness. No matter how big the task ahead may be, the staff and volunteers at this rescue organisation roll up their sleeves and they scoop the poop.

Whenever a dog or cat is abandoned or left behind, Fallen Angels makes a plan to find a home for them – either at their farm or with foster parents – where the animal can be rehabilitated. I regularly see the rescue organisation’s social media posts, trying to get their angels adopted. Or I hear about their volunteers searching the streets of Table View looking for a stray that was reported.

They work tirelessly, around the clock, to make sure that every animal that arrives at Fallen Angels have a nice and cosy bed in a house that they can call their home.

Fallen Angels Pet Rescue is a place where every animal is given a second chance to live the life that they deserve. Throughout the duration of their stay at the farm, they are walked on a daily basis and are provided with food, water, shelter and of course, treats!

Most importantly, they receive love and attention.

I understand that it’s tough to give up your Saturday morning, but spending some time at the farm is oh so rewarding. Once you get greeted with a wagging tale and a smile that could be worthy of a toothpaste commercial, you are instantly filled with joy. Walking these dogs or stroking the cats may be a small gesture to you, but to them it’s huge. You’re making their day, and they won’t forget the time they’ve spent with you any time soon.

But the animals are not the only ones that benefit from you donating your time. You can benefit from the experience as well. You get tons of exercise and it’s a great place to get away from it all for a bit – a good opportunity to clear your head. When it’s just you and a little doggie walking on the open field, there is nothing that can trouble you; and you have a furry friend that will happily listen to you babbling on all morning long.

I once asked a volunteer: “why would anyone adopt an old dog if it wouldn’t be a part of their life for very long?” The volunteer smiled and replied: “the thing is, to you this dog will just be a small part of your life, but for them, you are their entire life”.

So, if you’re looking for a way to give back or maybe just want some cuddles from the rescues – head on over to the Fallen Angels Pet Rescue farm on Saturday – and who knows, you might just find your fallen angel.


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