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Last week, two boys’ love for their dog, lead to an even greater show of compassion.

The brothers, Peter aged 14 and Gerry aged 8, walked for many kilometres, the younger walking barefoot, carrying their beloved dog, Lady, to the Animal Welfare Society’s clinic in Philippi, in fear that she was going to die.

Peter had earlier saved up R7 for shoes for his younger brother, but decided to rather spend the money on treatment for Lady.

When they eventually reached the clinic, after walking for hours from their makeshift home in the vegetable farmlands of Philippi – where they recently lost all their belongings in a fire – their story immediately changed for the better.

Allan Perrins and the very competent staff at the Philippi Animal Welfare Society responded to the boys’ heartfelt deed of compassion by giving Peter a full refund and presenting Gerry with a pair of shoes from their Charity Shop.

Lady, who resembles a German Shepherd Cross, was immediately admitted, examined and found to be suffering from tick-bite fever, a potentially fatal condition if left untreated. Her life was therefore almost certainly saved by the brothers’ undying love for their companion and best friend.

Since she was admitted, Lady has undergone a blood transfusion, kept on a drip and been prescribed a course of medication. Allan described her condition as ‘serious but stable’.

The brothers were dispatched back to their Groenvlei farm home with one of the Philippi Animal Welfare Society nurses, where the case was discussed with their parents. Peter and Gerry were again thanked and praised for putting their beloved dog’s life before anything else.

But there was more to come. The light emanating from their heroic deed shined so bright, that it caught the attention of many compassionate souls on social media, some from as far as the UK, Zambia, New Zealand and Australia.

Who says positive news doesn’t travel!?

Offers for financial help and donations of clothing, food, and household goods streamed in from everywhere. In fact, the response was so phenomenal that Peter and Gerry’s family can now afford to help other families to make a better living on the farm.

Peter and Gerry will no longer be studying by candlelight, since they have LED lights installed in their home. They won’t be sharing a bed anymore or have to sleep without blankets. And last Saturday, for the first time ever in their lives, they had hamburgers and chips at a fast-food restaurant.

Meanwhile, Allan confirms that the brothers come to visit Lady at the clinic almost every day, but though her condition is improving, she still requires fulltime care. She will remain at the Philippi Animal Welfare Society until she’s healthy enough to return to the farm.

We hope that day comes soon, and that it marks the start to a new chapter for Peter, Gerry and Lady. A better life, that started as a simple deed of compassion.



Ben Burger – Station Producer, Smile 90.4FM