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Vanya’s Blanket Project by a courageous CT mom

I was reminded again how precious family is and how that constantly reminds us of our humanity. In a world struggling to find its new voice in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution we find ourselves at constant odds with one another. The irony however of our global village is that it brought us all closer through technology.

Where we will end up is anybody’s guess but I feel that if through this transition we remember our humanity and fight to preserve that, and the values it holds for all the worlds’ citizens, we may just find equitable resolution.

On the show recently I spoke to a very courageous mom, Sylvia Joffe. Her story is not unique, and she is not the first parent to lose a young child to cancer. Yet what Sylvia is doing is a little different to how we often respond to loss. She has started a project to honour her daughter, Vanya. Her daughter loved children so Sylvia’s project by design also helps other children needing treatment for cancer. The blanket projects builds on her daughter’s legacy, and also plays a role in reminding us of our humanity – to help and uplift others.

One of the striking aspects which impacted upon me was how many children face a dreaded challenge like cancer on their own. This is not an indictment on their parents or carers but just shows how difficult life can be, and that when we find angels like Sylvia we should celebrate their courage, commitment and resolve to help others. It is a very simple concept, the donated blankets are donated to the children at hospitals. These blankets represent so much to the children. They are seen as support, and comfort. Most importantly it shows these children that people do care. For children, that is an enriching example to be exposed too.

You can find out more about Vanya’s Blanket Project on Facebook or write to Sylvia on


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